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Photo/illustration of Glomfjord Hydrogen production facilities.


From our production facility in Glomfjord, 8 tonnes of hydrogen will be produced every day. Start of production is planned for Q2 in 2025.

Photo of a container which contains hydrogen


Hydrogen that we produce is transported in Umoe and Hexagon containers. The containers are also used as a swap solution.

Illustration of to red ships from Halten Bulk


Glomfjord Hydrogen realizes compressed hydrogen as a zero-emission, martime fuel. Swap of containers with hydrogen.

Illustration of a bunkering facility.


Photo of Nordasfalts production facility.


We drive the hydrogen to the consumer in a transport container and collect the empty one (swap solution). The hydrogen is transported from the storage tank in a pipeline or tubing to the point of consumption and is burned in a hydrogen burner nozzle.

Photo of a hydrogen station

Refuelling Stations

Illustration of Glomfjord Hydrogens production facility and semi-trailers

Road transport

Photo of a blue passenger train


Great potential for conversion on non-electrified sections.

Photo of an excavator

Zero Emission Construction Machineries

Applied Hydrogen is developing machines for hydrogen-electric operation, while Glomfjord Hydrogen will produce hydrogen.

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Illustration of three Airbus aircraft flying in formation


Airbus will fly with hydrogen as fuel. Airbus is launching three different concept aircraft powered by liquid hydrogen under the brand name AirbusZEROe. Photo: Airbus

Photo/illustration of Glomfjord Hydrogen production facility

Summary and Collaboration Opportunities

Glomfjord Hydrogen is well positioned for the supply of hydrogen, and will be competitive on price.  Feel free to contact us to discuss possibilities and solutions.

Our goal is to help customers find the best solutions!


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